Friday, March 5, 2010

Well hello, almost a year later....

Well, it's a good thing I have 2 great daughters to update my blog for me, since I don't know how.
*Jan is working hard. He is such a great father and husband! I just love him!
*I am busy with Young Womens, 4-H leadermete, and raising crazy children!
*Janson is STILL dating Carly. we LOVE her. please bless they get married soon.
*Kayla and Tyler still live in Orem with their cute dog, Barry. they work too much.
*Min is up at Utah State going to school, working (SHOCKINGLY), getting good grades (HOPEFULLY) and sleeping way too much.
*Nae is a junior at OHS. She is super smart and always gets her homework done. She just got her bangs cut and they look really cute! She is having fun hanging out with friends and dreaming about Jacob Black and their soon to be marriage.
I don't know what else to update you all with, but my goal is to start blogging more.

I love my family!!!
Me and Nae with her cute bangs!!

Saturday, April 4, 2009


A NEW POST! I know I know... it's been way too long!

This weekend we did our 'Annual Easter Egg Hunt'. Typically we do it every easter saturday, but I will be gone to a 4-H retreat for easter weekend, so we decided to do it a week before!

It was a pretty good turnout and even though it was freezing cold, the kids had a lot of fun!! I can't believe I've held the easter egg hunt for my neighborhood for 19 years!!! GO ME!

Is moving home on April 25th. It will be great to have him around again! He is addicted to hot fudge sundae pop tarts and him and his girlfriend are doing great!! which I love :)

Are doing the same old thing! haha, all they do is work work work! But, they are enjoying making improvements in their new home (thanks to Tyler, the handy man). They are so cute together.

I am soo very proud of her. She has received a FULL RIDE SCHOLARSHIP to Utah State University! She has worked so hard in 4-H and learned so much and been a great leader! She will go off to college this coming fall. I can't believe I will be left with one child living at home - Janae. I will probably cry for 3 weeks.

Janae got a 3.967 this last term. Which, if you round up, she got a 4.0. She is such a great student, always determined to get her homework done promptly. She has been my best student and I am so proud of her!

JAN and I haven't been up to much lately! I've been busy with 4-H, young womens, girls camp, running my children around and being a mom. This last week was a pretty stressful one, so today has been my relaxing day of watching chick flicks with my daughters, we always have a great time! Jan is busy doing taxes. Sitting in front of the computer every night till the wee hours of the morning. Fun for him!

That's pretty much it for us! Sorry for being so bad at updated my blog, I promise to blog more often!
I hope everyone has a great weekend and got a chance to listen to General Conference and all the great talks and lessons that were heard. Can't wait for the Sunday sessions!

Have a GREAT weekend!

Friday, January 9, 2009


This is Cindy! I just got a blog about my Family and our adventures! Thanks to my daughter, Kayla for making me this blog! I'm still trying to figure everything out and put everything together and make a cute layout - but until then this will have to do! WELCOME to my blog :)